Eagle Cinema
Have your birthday here at the Eagle Cinema 5!
Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about having birthday parties at Eagle Cinema:
How much does it cost? $8 per person includes admission to a movie, a small drink, and a small popcorn.  The $8 charge is for children and adults, the price does not vary.
Is there a room we can use?  Yes, there is a party room that is available for no extra charge.  In the room, you are free to bring and enjoy pizza, cake, and open birthday presents.
When can we have a party?  Brithday parties can be scheduled for any day of the week, just call in advance and leave a message for a manager to call you back, or just stop by and ask to speak to a manager to schedule your party.  You can also email us, if you would like!
How far in advance should I book the party?  Typically, we like to have about a week's notice for use of the party room.  Movie times are usually available only a week in advance, but you can schedule the party for the day and then we can give you a call back or you can call us to find out the movie times to schedule the actual time of the party.
Can we watch any movie?  Yes, you can watch any of the movies that we have playing at the time of the party.  If there is not a movie that is scheduled to be out at the time of your party that is suitable for the age group of the party, you may want to consider having the party either a week or so earlier or later, depending on the movies that are scheduled to come to our theater.
Is there a limit to the number of people for a party?  Typically, we accept any groups that are at least 8 people, and it can go up to as many people as you would like!  We just like to have an estimation before the party so we can be ready to provide the drinks and popcorn.
Call (540) 483-9121 or email for more information!